Private Schools For Girls

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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The idea of attending an all-girls private school may seem antiquated in this day and age. Didn't we make many schools coeducational back the '60s to promote gender equality and enhance learning opportunities for both girls and boys? But there are several factors that may make you take a second look at a single sex education.

Look inside a typical coeducational classroom. How do boys and girls interact? The boys tend to be aggressive and tease their female counterparts. In response, many girls are shy and reluctant to speak up. Without the social pressures present in a coeducational setting, girls can break free of stereotypes without having to worry about being labeled "unfeminine." They often become more competitive and take an interest in so-called "male" areas such as sports, math, and science. Free from the concern of "what the boys will think," she can determine what she thinks.

It's a "fact of life" that girls learn differently than boys. Attending a school that is specifically geared toward meeting girls' educational needs can be a big plus. Add to that a knowledgeable faculty that knows the best teaching style for their students, and you have an environment that can help any girl reach her fullest potential.

Single Sex Schools--the Future of Education?

Far from dying out, single sex schools are thriving--there are an estimated 300 single sex private schools in the U.S. alone. As more information about the difference between the sexes is uncovered--how they learn, what they need to succeed--more and more girls are deciding that enrolling in a private girls' school can be the perfect place to achieve their goals.

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