Time Teaching Watches

Written by Sierra Rein
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When the "time" comes for a young child to learn how to read the exact hour and minute from a clock or watch, many teachers struggle to find the right kind of tools for the lessons. However, time teaching watches are great solutions for teachers and parents who wish to help their kids learn how to tell time with a lot of joy and fun. These watches feature imaginative designs that catch a young kid's eyes and make them more eager to learn. They are often packaged with activity books and detailed instructions on how to utilize the watch to its fullest extent.

Unlike classroom tools, these time teaching watches can be carried out of the classroom and used by a child 24 hours a day. After the child learns certain skills regarding the watch, they can wear it outside and at home. The watch can also be utilized in conjunction with challenging fill-in-the-blank worksheets. The time-related games, word puzzles and questions are created to reinforce the child's growing understanding of how the mechanical device on her wrist corresponds to certain important events in her life.

Time teaching watches can be given out as prizes at school raffles or as unique party-favor gifts at a children's birthday celebration. Because it is educational in nature, most parents would be thrilled to have a time teaching watch given to their young child. Plus, many of the educational supply sources that sell them donate a certain percentage of the retail sale to important educational and wildlife conservation groups.

Employing Time Teaching Watches as Money Raising Tools

Many schools and church organizations have chosen to use time teaching watches as interesting fundraising alternatives. All they have to do is purchase a number of these watches from an educational supply source at wholesale prices and resell them to neighbors at a higher rate. The initial investment cost is paid back in full, and the group can use the extra money towards any number of fun or important projects for the coming year. The children themselves can get into the fundraising game, and even be rewarded with their very own watch once they sell a certain number of them.

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