Timex Girls' Watches

Written by Sierra Rein
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Timex makes girls' watches in both the classic analog and the sporty digital styles. Older girls may enjoy the slightly more sophisticated metal-integrated bracelet watches with links that can be removed or replaced for a more secure fit around the wrist. Younger girls will probably appreciate the watches decorated in pale pink and blue or those covered with butterflies, flowers or other images found in nature.

However, not all Timex girls' watches are just pretty and pink. Some Timex sports watches are made with the tougher, more athletic girl in mind. These watches are waterproof, durable, and are sleekly designed to stay safely secure on a girl's tiny wrist. Many of these sports watches feature plastic straps or removable elastic ones that can be quickly thrown in the laundry or hand washed.

Some of these digital sports watches are also equipped Timex's special INDIGLO night-light technology and NIGHT-MODE features to help athletic or adventurous girls see the time even in the dark of night. If she wishes, she can turn the watch's stopwatch on to see how fast she can run a mile, or set the integrated alarm or timer to go off before her favorite TV show is on.

Timex Time Teacher Watches for Girls

Timex has a line of educational watches called Time Teachers that are extremely beneficial for any young girl who is just learning how to tell the time. A Time Teacher watch has color-coded hour hands to match the hour numbers, and minute hands to match the surrounding minute notches. These girl-appropriate watches also have second hands designed like floating butterflies, hearts, or flowers that rotate around the watch face once every 60 seconds. One can also find Time Teacher watches for young boys and in neutral colors for either gender.

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