Timex Watches

Written by Sierra Rein
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Timex watches have been in existence ever since the US Time Company introduced them to the world in 1950. They were hailed as reliable yet inexpensive wrist watches that were incredibly durable. A Timex watch "takes a licking and keep on ticking." The first Timex watches led the way for an incredibly popular buying trend, and at the end of the 1950s one third of all watches bought in America held the Timex name.

Initial commercials for Timex watches took advantage of the line's catchphrase and depicted the watches as they were put through countless tests of durability. Magazine and poster advertisements featured Timex watches strapped to the bat of heavy-hitter Mickey Mantle and functioning without danger while taped to the back of swimming turtles. In the late 1950s, newsman John Cameron Swayze took a few minutes off of a few broadcasts to show live "torture tests" with these watches, including those showing a Timex watch attached to an outboard motor and one accompanying a diver taking an 87-foot plunge off of the cliffs of Alcapulco.

Timex watches can be found for a variety of different occasions, from outdoor watches with digital compasses and altitude meters to beautiful dress watches suitable for elegant nights on the town. Timex also has a large line of kids' watches and educational tools that can be used to teach any child how to tell time. One can choose between analogue, digital and combination displays. These watches can also be custom-printed with a school or company logo and used at fundraising events, during corporate promotions and as businesses gifts.

The Present and Future of Timex Watches

Today, Timex timepieces are still hailed as one of the top brands of jewelry and accessories. Every year, many marketing surveys report that the Timex brand ranks third of all feminine accessory brands. In recent years, Timex has also been put in first place when compared to fifty other fashion watch brands in the United States. The company also continues to receive letters from customers who have wild stories of how their watches survived dangerous perils, including a tale of a Timex watch washed ashore after years at the bottom of the ocean to another story of an Ironman Indiglo watch which took a six-month pause in the stomach of the family Basset hound.

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