Unique Watches

Written by Sierra Rein
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A unique watch is a one piece of jewelry that has the ability to make quite a fashion statement. It can widen the eyes of a birthday girl or boy and bring about a lot of conversations around the water cooler. It can also cause giggles and smirks of enjoyment from both the wearer and those around him.

The best way to purchase a unique watch for someone else is to try to take the time to research his or her personal preferences and sense of style. If the individual enjoys nature, she may enjoy the gift of a watch decorated with images of her favorite animal. However, if she collects timepieces as a hobby, it may be a good idea to directly ask her about any items on her wish list. Also take into account the nature of his or her job; noisy watches that play music can be fine if worn in casual environments, but can become annoying when placed in professional circumstances.

On the other hand, sometimes a watch can be considered unique not by its shape and design, but by the number of functional features it presents to the user. Many sports watches are created to offer chronograph options for the wearer, like stopwatches, heart rate monitors and lap timers. One type of unique and functional watch for kids is the educational time-telling wristwatch, designed to give any young child the chance to learn how to read a clock at any time of the day. Plus, because these watches are meant for children, they can be still be found in a variety of different colors and theme designs.

When Unique Becomes Unsuitable

It is important not to go overboard and purchase a watch that may be considered so absurd as to be unfit to be worn. In these cases, even expensive unique watches can collect dust. Of course, people with an eclectic nature (like kids and young adults) are more likely to appreciate and actually wear a wacky or strange watch than those who wear business attire during the day. Instead of wasting money, it is a better idea to purchase something fun and entertaining yet suitable.

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