Unusual Gifts For Children

Written by Sierra Rein
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When it comes to gifts, children like to be given toys and activities that capture their imaginations and tickle their funny bones. However, it is good to keep in mind that toys are meant not only to entertain a child, but also to empower and promote the development of his or her comprehensive skills. When searching for an unusual gift, take the time to take into account both entertainment and educational values and consider whether or not the gift seems "too obvious" a choice for the child.

The best unusual gifts stimulate a child's mind and help foster further appreciation of the world. These types of gifts are usually educational toys like science kits and instructional tools disguised as "fun" playthings. For example, one of the most unusual of all educational toys is a type of watch specially designed for young children that teaches them how to tell time. Wrapped in a fun, decorative design (sometimes featuring popular children's cartoons), these kinds of unique watches can make great gifts for kids (and are usually appreciated by parents as well).

When Children's Gifts Become Too "Unusual"

Perhaps the biggest mistake adults make when buying a gift for a child is to choose something that tickles the adult's fancy, but has no impact whatsoever on the child herself. Another mistake is to buy something that is too sophisticated for a young mind or too simplistic for an older one. No matter how unique it is, a gift should be age-appropriate and chosen to match the child's stage of mental development.

After considering the age of the child, a good idea is to talk to her parents regarding any personal interests and current activities. If she likes frogs, then you can purchase a time-teaching watch (as previously mentioned) decorated with colorful green marsh or tree frogs. This gift can then be combined with a number of other entertaining and fun toys, like frog-shaped gummy candy and frog stickers, and presented to the child in a decorative gift basket that she's sure to remember for years to come.

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