Zoo Gift Shops

Written by Sierra Rein
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At the end of a typical trip to the zoo, most families and school groups will take the time to visit the gift shop. These shops are usually the first and last thing one sees when traveling through the front gates. There, teachers, parents and children can take the time to choose from a wide variety of items to commemorate the fun they all had learning about the animals. These can include t-shirts, sweaters, key chains, stuffed animals, and a number of other entertaining toys with animal themes.

Zoo gift shops are also great sources of necessities that a family or school group may need to carry with them while traveling from one animal exhibit to the other. These shops usually sell bottles of sunscreen, sunglasses, film, disposable cameras, batteries, lip balm, hats, umbrellas and other comfort-related items. They are also good areas to find ATMs and cash machines.

However, most of the time these items are educational in nature and can further a child's understanding of the animal kingdom or other aspects of nature. Videotapes and books are often top sellers in zoo gift shops, as are science kits and teaching tools. The shop will often divide these into subjects, like "animals," "space," and "plants," or put items meant for younger children apart from those designed for pre-teens or teenagers. That way, adults can concentrate on choosing gifts made for the exact level of education and for the right grade their children are currently in.

Examples of Educational Gifts Found in Zoo Gift Shops

Like the aforementioned science kits, zoo stores are great places to find and purchase a variety of educational materials for parents to take home and teachers to bring back to school. One can also buy time teaching watches designed with animal shapes and colors, or flying machines that mimic the movement of birds and bats. Activity and coloring books are great to remind the child of the wonderful variety of plants and animals to be discovered in the wilds of nature, and to bring about a deeper understanding of the importance of the environment. All of these educational gifts can enhance a child's appreciation and enthusiasm towards the many types of animals found in the world today.

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