Best Online Colleges

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The best online colleges are the ones that offer the most degrees online and the widest range of classes. Some schools are very narrow in the classes they offer and the degree programs they support. Many online schools are specific to a certain area of study, business administration and criminal justice being two of the more common fields. The best online colleges offer either the top programs in a specific area or offer full degree programs in a wide variety of subjects.

What the Best Online Colleges Have to Offer

The best online colleges are those that offer the most degree programs for students. Some schools provide certification in areas like child education or legal studies. Some offer associates degrees in various subjects, while others have complete bachelors degree programs online. There are even schools that offer graduate and post-graduate degrees online.

Affordability is, of course, a major concern for any student. The best online colleges offer affordable tuition and various payment options. These schools should have online payment options for student convenience. Some schools charge per credit hour, while others a flat tuition rate. Cost varies by university.

Student convenience is the major advantage of online colleges. The best online colleges have websites that are easy to navigate and are very user friendly. Students should be able to handle every aspect of their education online through the school's website. They should be able to enroll, register for classes, complete coursework, take tests, consult an advisor, and pay bills, all through an easy to understand website.

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