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Written by Seth Cotterell
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College students who opt to buy textbooks online are making a wise decision. The price of textbooks at most college bookstores is outrageous. They are able to get away with this because they have little to no competition. Unless there is another college in the same town, where can students go to buy textbooks? Even if there is another school nearby, the odds of them using the same textbooks are low.

Buy Textbooks Online for Less

Competition and choice are the foundations of a free market economy. In the absence of competition, college bookstores are able to charge almost any amount they want. The Internet is the great equalizer of the capitalistic world. No matter where you live, it provides the opportunity to shop around for the best deals, putting the freedom back in the free market system.

Student who do buy textbooks online are able to find the best prices available, regardless of where they live. Online savings are often considerable. Though it's difficult to put an exact number on average savings, an informal survey conducted on ten current college students revealed savings averaging about 35 to 40 percent per semester. One student reported saving almost seventy percent, and the lowest savings reported was twenty five percent. Even at this lowest level, the advantages of online shopping are easily apparent.

Another benefit is that of availability. College bookstores tend to order too few textbooks and they often run out. Most bookstores will order additional copies for students, but usually they wait until there are enough students in demand to fill a full order. Students I spoke with said that when they buy textbooks online they often get them quicker than those who order through the bookstore.

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