Career Technical Education

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Everyone Wants a Career Technical Education

A career technical education is a hot commodity these days. With technology continuously changing, hardly anyone can stay on top of the latest and greatest. For this reason, colleges and universities are constantly updating their curriculum.

What does that mean for people in the work force? A degree received in 1998 may have sufficed for a couple of years, but today would seem a bit out dated. In order to keep up with the technological advances, it is imperative that you maintain your career technical education.

Brush Up On Your Skills

If you've already received your bachelor's degree, you may only need a few refresher courses. Information security and PC support are two of the most popular classes available today. If you can't find the time to attend regular college classes, you may want to look into some distance learning options.

These computer-based classes can provide you with the same information as a traditional course, without the hassle and cost. By spending a couple of hours each night or on the weekends, you can assure your boss that you are fully equipped to handle any technological problem that may arise. Also be sure to find out if your organization has a tuition reimbursement program. You may be able to share the cost of your education.

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