Choosing A College

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Choosing a college is of the most monumental decisions a young adult will make. Consulting with a college guidance counselor is a great way to help make the best possible assessment. Experienced college counselors are a phenomenal resource for information concerning all the factors that go into making this tough decision.

In order to choose the best college, you first need to understand yourself. A college counselor will ask you the tough questions so that you have a better understanding of your wants and goals. It's tough to figure these out on your own. For example, do you want a large or small school? East or West coast? You may find that what's best suited for you isn't what you previously pictured at all.

Factors Involved In Choosing a College

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a college. An important piece of the puzzle for many people is the geographic location of the school. A few others are school size, study abroad programs, and department strengths. Talk to your counselor for help selecting which aspects are most important to you.

Never limit yourself to one school. Applying to several colleges is a good idea. Set a few different paths and be happy with whichever one fate takes you down. If you don't get into school remember, things usually happen for a good reason, so don't be disappointed if you don't get into the school you had your heart set on. Your counselor can help you decide on primary and backup colleges.

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