College Admissions

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You can streamline the college admissions process with the help of an experienced college guidance counselor. College counselors are extremely skilled and will help you along every step of the way. The main purpose of a counselor is to facilitate the admissions process for college-bound students.

One of the most essential roles a counselor will assume is acting as own personal mentor. A critical stage in the college admissions process is writing the entrance essay, or more commonly known as the personal statement. The statement is a two-page piece of original writing.

College Admissions Information

The personal statement is your shot to express anything you wish convey to a college admittance counselor. Your writing should communicate a strength you believe you possess or a difficulty you had to overcome. Anything that shows character and determination will make a good impression on the college of your choice.

Most schools will require a transcript of your high school classes and grades. Request this early from your high school to save some time. In addition, most schools will ask to see a resume of your high school activities. Prepare a master list in advance of your outside activities as well as any work experience. You'll find that you will need this information for a majority of the applications.

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