College Admissions Counselor

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Consulting with a college admissions counselor before you return a completed application is a great idea. A college counselor will be able to provide you with insightful, first hand information about the application process. The information provided to you during your meeting will benefit you in several ways.

Call the colleges of your choice to schedule an interview with a college admissions counselor. If you live far away from the school of your choice, schedule several schools within a close proximity of each other and plan on taking a short trip. If you can't make travel arrangements, ask to schedule a phone interview.

Preparing for Meeting With a College Admissions Counselor

Prepare a list of questions before you meet with your counselor. Ask him or her about a typical first year schedule for a freshman. Your counselor may be able to provide with valuable scheduling advice. In addition, ask you counselor about normal study habits for first year students. Coming in after a long year of "senioritis," many freshman are shocked by the first year workload.

During your interview, ask to speak to current students of that particular school. If it is appropriate, try and speak to a few different students to ensure a well-diversified opinion. Schedule a tour of the campus with your counselor.

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