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With all the college advice you're given from different sources, it can be hard to decipher myth from fact. How does a young student know what's good information and what's not? The only way to really determine expert advice from general opinion is by consulting with an expert.

Top college advisors are a great resource for quality college advice. Many counselors have served as university admission department heads before leaving to counsel students full time. As former department heads, these counselors know what aspects of applying to focus on and what to ignore.

Some Great College Advice

Here's a helpful tip for you. If you are planning on applying to a private college, recommendation letters will be required as a part of your application. For the student, this means that they must seek out members of the community and ask for personal recommendation letters in support of their acceptance. In order to prepare for this step of the admissions process, it's important to develop community relationships early.

Talk to your admission counselor about whom to ask for recommendations. He or she will be able to provide constructive advice on good support figures. In addition, talk to community members you know in advance about needing letters of recommendation. It's important to give someone plenty of time to come up with a great letter.

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