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Written by Jessica Duquette
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One Click Away

A college and university directory is more easily accessible than you may think. Before heading down to a high school guidance counselor's office or the local library, consider using the web as a resource. Nearly all colleges and universities are listed on the internet and have information-rich websites that can help you make your career decision.

An online college and university directory can search and sort your options for you in a matter of seconds. If you are convinced that Ohio is the place to study, you can search colleges by state. Perhaps you plan to study Spanish; in which case you can search through your options by major.

Using a College and University Directory

Once you've narrowed your search field down, you can begin to read through the college websites. Information on academics, athletics and campus life can help you determine which school is best for you. Additionally you may opt for an on-site interview. This will help paint a clear picture of each school you intend on applying to.

Whether you are looking for an associate's degree, a master's degree or simply a certificate in web design, these online directories can help get you started. Choosing a school is a difficult decision to make. Finding information on each school shouldn't make the process any harder.

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