College Scholarships

Written by Seth Cotterell
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College scholarships enable students to earn a college degree who otherwise would not be able to afford the increasingly high costs of college tuition, fees, and books. Thousands upon thousands of college scholarships are given away each year to deserving students to help offset the cost of college expenses. For many students (myself included), there would be no other way to afford college without this much needed outside funding.

Need Based and Merit Based College Scholarships

College scholarships are awarded based on a wide variety of criteria. Some scholarships are purely need based. Scholarship boards or financial aid offices compare your financial situation with the estimated cost of attendance and sometimes award scholarships to help students defray some of those costs. Often separate scholarship applications are necessary in order to be considered.

Other scholarships are merit based. These scholarships are often awarded by grade point average. This should be an incentive for everyone to keep up with their studies. Other scholarships are not necessarily academic. Many scholarships are available for civic involvement or leadership. There are also scholarships for students who belong to specific groups. There are scholarships for members of ethnic minorities, women, gay and lesbian students, and other under represented groups.

Many college scholarship applications require students to write an essay. All scholarships have individual requirements and have certain deadlines students must meet in order to be considered. Check with your school or with an online scholarship locating resource to find out what you are eligible for and do it in a timely manner for the best results. Don't let the deadlines pass you by.

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