College Search By State

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A college search by state could help you locate a certificate program in web design. Your boss of ten years has recently realized the importance for a corporate website. While you have handled all the marketing efforts since you were hired, web design is a new concept for you.

Your bachelor's degree in communication from 1989 didn't offer course work in web design. You need to find a certificate program that offers thorough classes in a short amount of time. Where do you begin your search?

Begin with a College Search by State

A college search by state can help narrow down the field. Once you've searched for all schools in California, you can then narrow your options down by location, program or price. Lucky for you, the company will be paying the bill for these classes.

As you will find in your search, many places offer certificate programs in web design. Whether you choose to take your classes at night, on the weekend or once a week in lieu of a work day, you'll learn the same techniques as someone enrolled in a full time, bachelor's degree in web design. Once you've selected a college, be sure to ask if any refresher courses are included at no additional fee.

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