Distance Learning Degree Program

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Moving Up the Corporate Ladder

A distance learning degree program is the first step in earning that promotion at work. While you've contributed eight years of hard work to your company, the promotion could go to a less-experienced, more educated person. College tuition these days is reaching exorbitant highs, how can you afford to compete?

A distance learning degree program can help elbow out the competition at an affordable price. Not only will you eliminate the cost associated with traditional college programs, but you will also alleviate the hassle of juggling a full-time job with school work. Are you interested in learning more?

Enrolling in a Distance Learning Degree Program

By dedicating a few hours after work or on the weekends you can accomplish a substantial amount of work. While pursuing a degree in this fashion may take you longer than dedicating five days each week, you'll still be able to work full-time and earn your current salary. Self discipline and motivation are two very important characteristics for distance learning students.

Once you have earned the coveted master's degree you'll be eligible for that promotion and subsequent raise. While many professions do not require additional education beyond a bachelor's degree, many positions reward such initiative. To start earning more money at your job, click on the link above.

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I have to admit I had the same thoughts all 4 years I spent getnitg my BS.A college degree today is like a high school degree used to be years ago. It's a requirement, a right of passage, another thing that will get you considered for jobs. Many jobs require a degree, at least they say so and they use that as a way to filter candidates.I'm still not sure if college helped me all that much since I've worked tech support contracts ever since graduating and one job at a print shop having nothing to do with my field of study in college (advertising). But all I can say is college for me was more about meeting people and making connections than the actual coursework. That's just my story and I'm not the normal person so your mileage may vary.Overall, I'd say go because while it may not open doors, it will keep them from getnitg closed on you.