Fashion School

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Fashion school is where you always dreamed of heading after high school. While Mount Valley High is home to many memories and friends, the curriculum wasn't created with people like you in mind. As you trudged through calculus, Spanish and wood shop, you wondered if you'd ever find enjoyment in school.

Furthering Your Interests

Your mom has a beat-up, old Singer sewing machine in your basement. At first you were just kidding around, but soon you found that you had a flare for fashion design. What was once an occasional hobby has since escalated into an ongoing after-school project.

You've designed and sewn clothing, draperies and the occasional decorative pillow. You are ready for a challenge and some guidance from people who appreciate design with the same sincerity you do. Fashion school is just the right place to continue your education.

The Challenges of Fashion School

While few schools have a fashion major, those that do offer the program do so at a very intense level. Whether you choose to enroll in fashion design or merchandising, there are rigorous classes, workshops and year-end runway shows before you walk away with a diploma. Are you ready for that? If so, get started by clicking on the link above.

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