Gap Year

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If you're not sure where your interests lie after graduation, consider taking a gap year to embark on a little self-discovery. A gap year refers to a year of recreation in between high school and college. This short break is extremely popular among students in Britain as it supports the process of self-discovery.

Many professional educators agree that the standards placed on young students can quickly lead to burnout. The pressure to maintain straight A's in high school and get into the best college can be harmful to the motivation of a student. Some professional college counselors offer pre-planned programs designed to enhance the knowledge of a young student.

The Advantage of Taking a Gap Year

Encouraged by many of the Ivy League schools, the year off allows students time to learn what type of work or activities really interest them. Many students travel abroad before returning to begin undergraduate work at a university. Some students volunteer for a year in another country. Activities like these develop self-awareness, cultural sensitivity, and a better understanding of the world in general.

The gap year is commonly referred to as "the right of passage." An intermediate year of rest taken between high school and college can really help a student unearth activities that really spark an interest. It is especially beneficial for students who don't quite know what subject they would like to major in. You'll be amazed at how much you can learn about yourself in one short year.

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