Gap Year Adventure

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Plan a gap year adventure with an amazing cultural expedition! Imagine spending part of your year off traveling wondrous lands of Africa with safari camps for students. If you're more interested in snow than sun, plan a ski and snowboarding trip in the mountains of Argentina!

Planning an Unforgettable Gap Year Adventure

Gap year adventures offer an exciting opportunity to try new activities and explore self interests. The best way to get information on different gap year programs is to contact an advising agency that helps students plan gap adventures. Many of the adventure programs offer mentoring throughout the entire course of the trip, helping the student apply the life lessons he or she learns.

You'll want to make sure your prepared for your travel adventure. Wherever your destination, traveling with care is paramount. Protect yourself by figuring out all the preparation you'll need to complete before your trip. You can accomplish this by talking to a trip advisor.

When on your adventure program, make copies of any important documents and stash them in a secret spot. This way, you won't lose any necessary documentation. Also, don't forget to make copies of any credit card you bring along with the phone number of that credit card company. If you lose your card, call the company right away and inform them. Your advisor will help you with other important tips.

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