Gap Year Information

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Your college counselor will provide you with all the gap year information you need. Both college guidance counselors and college admission officers support and encourage the idea of a gap year. There is too much pressure placed on students to immediately enter a top ranking college, displacing the importance of

Finding Gap Year Information

You can obtain gap year information online as well. Many college counselors have pre-planned excursions that bring high school graduates from all over the country together. Enhance your gap year experience by building bonds that will last a lifetime.

The students who participate in gap year programs often have an advantage over other college students as they have already taken the first steps on a path of self-awareness. Often times, college students will begin a particular field of study only to change that field when they discover it doesn't interest them. These students waste valuable time learning subjects that don't really interest them. Did you know that the average college student will change majors as many as three times?

What happens when you don't get into the school of your dreams? Not all is lost. That particular school might feel that you just don't have enough life experience yet. What better way to fill this void than with an entire year of life experience? If you still have your heart set on that particular college, take a gap break and reapply the following year. Your school of choice is sure to be impressed with your determination and personal development.

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