Gap Year Project

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What better way to explore different cultures than with a gap year project? Gap year projects involve students offering their volunteer services to communities and families in need in other countries. Typically, you'll travel abroad and provide humanitarian work in the country of your choice.

How a Gap Year Project Builds Character

An example of a gap project is helping build homes in Mexico for families in need of shelter. The invaluable help gap year students provide to these families is incredible. Just imagine knowing you helped build the home of someone who desperately needed your help.

Another example is teaching English to young students in Hong Kong. The difference you can make in young children's lives will benefit them for the rest of their lives. You can volunteer any service you feel is valuable and make a difference somewhere.

You learn an abundant amount of information about yourself when you allow yourself to give unconditionally to others. Volunteering your time and service is another great way to explore your own interests. You might decide that humanitarian work is going to be a big part of your career.

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