Graphic Design College

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Graphic design college is becoming a popular choice among today's high school graduates. A relatively new major, graphic design is a hot commodity in the work force. With more and more money being spent on marketing and advertising, a graphic designer's work is rarely done.

Upgrading Standards

Graphic design applications and tools are constantly being upgraded with added features and functionality, making this degree difficult to stay on top of. With each new graduating class the bar is raised. Designers currently working are forced to keep up with continuing education courses.

You can find a graphic design college in both two-year and four-year programs. Depending on your career path, a two-year degree may provide you with a sufficient education to secure a full-time position. For those students looking for a complete graphic design education, four years of classes and course work is a necessity.

After Graphic Design College

Who hires graphic designers? As a graduate you could be picked up by a design firm or a standard organization. These two positions are very different, so choose which path you prefer before you send out resumes and portfolios.

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