Graphic Design Course

Written by Jessica Duquette
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All You Need Is a Computer

A graphic design course is best taught on the computer. With "how-to" manuals, students can follow along and learn how each program works by using the software themselves. Many traditional colleges teach these classes, but how much would you be missing by participating in this class from home?

If you are in pursuit of a graphic design course, you have a few options. First, you can look into certificate programs and institutions that teach one-day classes on graphic design. These courses may include HTML, PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator and Flash.

One Day Graphic Design Course

One day is dedicated for beginners, another for intermediate students and a final course for advanced pupils. After completion of these three classes you will obtain a certificate. Many of these same schools offer ongoing refresher courses for students. This type of course work is sufficient if you are looking to introduce yourself to a new program or simply brush up on your current skills.

If attending off-site classes will create chaos in your already hectic life, look for a graphic design class online. Many institutions are running web-based classes that can provide you with the same skills as traditional classes. By creating your own schedule you can determine the speed and complexity of your learning.

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