Help Choosing A College

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Hiring a college counselor is a great idea not only for getting help choosing a college, but also for guidance during each step in the entire process. A good counselor will dynamically involve the student at each level, teaching valuable skills and resources that will last a lifetime. The best way to organize yourself is to create a list of steps that outline the decision making process.

The Steps Involved for Help Choosing a College

You and your college advisor will come up with a personalized game plan to help you be successful in your college search. If you're running out of time--don't panic. Here's a useful list of action steps you can follow until you can consult with an advisor.

First, write down what aspects of a college are most important to you. List these criteria in order of importance. After you prepare your list, write a second list of all the colleges you are interested in attending in different geographic locations. Remain focused--you're on your way!

The next step is to gather as much information as possible about each of the colleges. Call the schools and ask for information kits, search online, and read college resource books for great information. Finally, contact a college planning agency for help scheduling tours and speaking to an advisor. If you prepare before contacting an agency, you'll be better off in knowing what information you need to obtain. Your advisor will provide great assistance in help choosing a college.

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