Interior Design College

Written by Jessica Duquette
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An interior design college offers courses on color, fabric and furniture as we have already mentioned. There are many other key elements to exceptional interior design. Before deciding on a college, be sure to evaluate the complete course schedule.

Other Classes to Take

Lighting, window treatments, walls and flooring are also important components to an interior design college course schedule. Without these elements your room could be sub par in comparison. Lighting creates the mood within the room, and choosing the appropriate lighting method should be well thought out.

Window treatments encompass blinds, curtains and rods and can have drastic effect on the outcome of any room. Selecting these materials should follow the basic rules of color pallet and fabric. Without all the pertinent information you may be less than pleased with the end result.

Interior Design College Teaches Flooring Options

Wall decor including painting, prints, shelving and sconces are all covered in your interior design course work. You will learn what types of decoration works with each room. Additionally, you're classes will cover flooring and the benefits of carpet, hard wood, linoleum and tile.

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