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Kaplan University

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Today, more and more people are aware of the value of a college education. A college diploma not only opens the door to a greater variety of professional opportunities, it virtually guarantees a higher pay and a significant increase in projected lifetime earnings. For those who want to advance in their current career or those who want to go in a completely different direction, obtaining the appropriate college degree is an essential.

Move Ahead Faster

Consider the case of one woman who had been managing customer service teams for major corporations for almost 15 years. She decided to return to college to complete her degree. When she had done so, she began to look around for a better position. Within weeks, she had been offered a management position at $15,000 more per year than she had ever made.

This woman combined her experience with her degree, much of which she earned online. In the past, online degrees were often considered less prestigious than degrees from other colleges and universities. That is no longer the case. In fact, many major universities have added an online presence and offer full degrees that require no classroom attendance.

Kaplan University, among others, is an accredited online university that offers a number of options ranging from certificate programs, to Associate degree programs, and even to Master's programs. Completing the necessary course work can lead to advancement or a major career change. Either way, a student who earns an advanced degree experiences both pride and confidence.

Online Learning

Alternative learning venues have been around for a couple of decades. The first such program involved videotaping classes, especially at major universities where the classes were huge. Students would go to the library and check out a class tape or, sometimes, would view the tapes at the library itself.

The next step, especially at progressive universities, was to offer online classes. Well over a decade ago, students were learning without ever meeting their professor, following an online syllabus, taking exams online, and presenting term papers over the Internet. The advantage of this type of learning is enormous. It makes attending college convenient for those who live far away from any campus, and it means that a busy, working student can learn at those times most convenient to his or her schedule.

Finding Information

Selecting an online university should be approached with the same care and research that any student would take selecting a traditional university. With everything from general education courses to advanced degree options, it is important to know where the schools being considered fall in terms of graduate placement and accreditation. Most online universities offer information about their programs and are happy to answer questions.

Potential students should consider how long the university has been offering online classes, whether the university maintains a live campus, the types of accreditation the school has earned, and of course, the cost per credit hour. In addition, a student should ask to see how a typical online course is formatted and what are the required minimum computer specifications.

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