Online Bible College

Written by Seth Cotterell
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An education from an online Bible college gives students a blend of spiritual fulfillment and professional education no other college can provide. A degree from an online Bible college stresses Christian principles and ethics in conjunction with practical, real world applications of professional skills. No standard college can boast of spiritual fulfillment and betterment as part of its curriculum.

Of course, an online Bible college is going to build its curriculum around a study of the Bible. Classes in theology and ethics will be offered alongside comparative religion and Christian writings complimentary to the Bible. Students will study the life of Jesus Christ, his teachings, and the lives of his followers. Online courses are meant to stimulate virtual discussion and guide students down the path of righteousness.

A really good Bible college does more than teach Scripture or theology. It also gives students a high quality, secular education. Course work through an online Bible college will also include math, history, psychology, literature, business, and science. Often the theories in each of these subjects is presented through the lens of Christianity and closely ties in with Christian ethics.

Attending an Online Bible College

Bible colleges are generally less common and less available than secular schools. This has historically restricted attendance at Bible colleges to students who can afford to relocate or who can afford to attend full time without working. Online programs bring quality, Christian education into the hands of everyone, no matter where they live.

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