Online College Grants

Written by Seth Cotterell
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If the only thing standing between you and your online college degree is a way to finance your studies, have no fear, there are online college grants available that can help make your dream become a reality. Vast amounts of money are just waiting to be awarded to qualified, deserving college students. There are many different grant finding resources at your disposal; you just have to know where to look.

One of the best places to locate money for online college grants is through government grant organizations. The United States government is the single largest grant awarder in the world and this is the first place you should start your search for online college grants. Government websites list available grant money and you can search by several different criteria. Obtaining grant money can be as simple as writing a letter, you just have to find out who to send it to.

Another great resource for locating online college grants is through private businesses. As part of their civic responsibility, many organizations give huge sums of money to fund college grants for students. As with government grant websites, you can search by qualifications or areas of interest. There are also grants specifically for distance education programs like online colleges. Other groups to whom grants are often awarded are international students, veterans and military personnel, gay and lesbian students, and ethnic minorities.

Applying for Online College Grants

Once you've located your online college grants, the next step is writing the grant proposals. Grant proposals can be as simple as an introductory letter giving your personal information to verify your eligibility or they can be more elaborate and involved. Some require a timeline or outside research. Besides research or professional grants, the government also awards grants based solely on financial need.

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