Online College Ratings

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Online college ratings suffer from the same drawbacks as any college rating system. Rating is more an art than a science. There are no hard and fast rules that can be universally applied to all online colleges and much of the rating system is based on subjective experience rather than on scientific objectivity.

Be Wary of Online College Ratings

Online college ratings are popular because rating things is part of our culture. We've become so ingrained in this way of thinking that it becomes almost automatic for us. We rate restaurants, sports teams, cars, movies, almost everything has to have some sort of rating to give it validity. While the idea of rating is sound, in practice it often becomes distorted.

Rating online colleges sounds like a good idea. Comparing schools with a universal standard makes it easier for students to see what quality of education they're going to get. Unfortunately, when it comes to actual application, there are drawbacks. For one, who does the rating? There is no single rating body that uses consistent standards. Different organizations can create their own rating systems and results are often inconsistent.

Another problem with online college ratings is what exactly do you consider in your rating? Is cost more important than quality of faculty or vice versa? How do you even say with absolute certainty that one faculty is better than another? There is too much room for subjective discrimination to make ratings absolutely credible. I suggest that online college ratings are unnecessary. Online colleges in this country are the best in the world and are getting better all the time. A little research is all you'll need to find a great school that will meet and exceed your requirements. Don't focus on ratings, find a school that is right for you.

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