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Written by Seth Cotterell
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Many bookstores and retailers sell textbooks online. College textbook sales are not strictly limited to on campus college book stores any more. In fact, most retailers who sell textbooks online have wider selections and sell for lower prices than any traditional college book store. Students can save money and enjoy greater freedom of choice by buying from one of these vendors.

Online textbook sellers have access to wider distribution networks than college book stores and also have efficient shipping and logistics infrastructures that allow them to ship orders quickly and cheaply. Students who order from one of these online sellers usually receive their textbooks in a timely, convenient manner.

Students pay very inflated prices for textbooks at college book stores and often return those same books at the end of the semester for a refund. When they do so, however, they frequently discover that the book store will not buy back that textbook. Even if they do buy back that particular edition, the buy back price is only a fraction of the initial cost of the book. So what can students do to recoup some of that expense?

Students Can Sell Textbooks Online, Too

Their best option is to sell textbooks online, not back to the book store. Students can sell textbooks online as easily as retailers and they'll almost always get a higher price than they would from the book store on campus. This is a great way for students to get some of their money back at the end of the semester and anyone who is a student knows just how much every penny counts by that time.

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Textbook Buyback Online

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