Speed Reading Tips

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Learning a few speed reading tips can accelerate your mastery of the skill. As with the major principles behind speed reading itself, however, these tips must be gradually worked into your skill set. Introduce them too quickly, and you're likely to grow discouraged by your inability to put them to good use.

A lot of speed reading experts vouch that "pre-reading" is essential to the craft of speed reading. These individuals spend a few moments going through the table of contents first to familiarize themselves with what it is they'll be reading. They may then jump to the chapters themselves and look over its sub-headings to further acquaint themselves with the topic.

Once You've Completed Your Pre-Reading

Now that you know the topics to be presented, must you still go through and read every single word of your book or essay? Absolutely not. In fact, some experts claim to read nothing more than the first (or topic) sentence of each paragraph. Others insist this is too little and stick with the old "first and last lines" approach in addition to the "first and last paragraph of every section" principle.

Knowing how much to read or where to begin and end your reading depends on the form and content of the material. A textbook that's well organized may be tackled with confidence in a segmented manner, as the main ideas are generally presented first (and often in bold font). A work of fiction, on the other hand, must be read with greater care, as some of the most important plot, character, and thematic elements are woven throughout each paragraph. Speed reading programs are available for individuals who want to train themselves in order to increase productivity.

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