Time Management For College

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Time management for college students can prove to be a real challenge after the relative ease of some high school curricula. Many outstanding high school students find themselves overwhelmed in their first year on campus for a few reasons. For one thing, the course work itself is often more challenging than it was in high school. What's more, there's a whole new world of distractions awaiting at colleges and universities.

Students who have mastered time management skills in high school won't have to make too many adjustments to handle the college workload. Those who just squeaked by, however, will have to learn to budget their time and resources more judiciously in order to achieve the same results at the college level. This may mean creating a strict study schedule, dropping a hobby or pastime, or seeking out a secluded and peaceful place in which to study.

A Few Tips for New College Students

One idea for freshmen unaccustomed to so many distractions is to avoid the central or most popular library and find a lesser-known one. Many colleges have multiple libraries; in fact, at major research universities, it's not uncommon to find a dozen to two dozen of them. Undergraduate libraries often have a reputation as meeting places and social venues, so try a graduate library for a quieter environment.

Next, take the time to learn how long it truly takes for you to complete a given task. If you read about 40 pages an hour in the privacy of your own room, take an hour to see if you keep a comparable pace when your roommate is present, even if he or she is also studying quietly. It may be that his or her presence alone slows you down by five, 10, or 20 pages an hour. Knowing this can help you manage your homework time more efficiently. Mastering time management can enable you to spend less time studying, as long as you know how to study effectively.

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