University Admission Service

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The university admission service provided by your college counselor will prove invaluable. Imagine test taking, applying, talking to admissions counselors, and finding financial aid all on your own! It can all seem a bit overwhelming at first.

Advisors with University Admission Service Experience

Advisors know what it's like to be in your shoes. Just talking to someone who has university admission service will help you develop a clear path of action to take to be successful. Getting into the college of your dreams is the main goal. Don't sacrifice your dreams by passing up the opportunity to consult with an expert.

Contact your college of interest and find out what programs they provide for prospective students. If you can't make a pre-planned college tour trip, set up your own tours and interviews. On your trip, schedule interviews with private and public universities, even if you are not interested in attending one or the other. Scheduling tours with all types of colleges will expose you different qualities each university offers.

Some colleges have student volunteers that work in the admissions department. Call your school and ask to talk to one of these students. Speaking to someone in your own age group who has recently been through the same ordeal can help relieve some of your fears. Theses students provide great advice about applying to college, as well as how to prepare for the adjustment.

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