Web Design Courses

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Web design courses can last as little as one day or as long as an entire semester. Are you looking for a four-year college that offers some graphic design courses? The Art Institute of Atlanta offers a bachelor's degree program in graphic design.

Bachelor's Degree

If you intend on focusing solely on graphic design, this may be the best option for you. Included in this program will be typography, print design and layout, and web design courses. At the conclusion of this four-year program you will have built a noteworthy portfolio, impressive to any hiring manager's eye.

If a shorter program schedule is in order, consider looking at an associate's degree or certificate program. An associate's degree is only a two-year program. This will give you ample time to learn the ropes of web design as well as build a portfolio.

One-Day Web Design Courses

A certificate program may only consist of a week-long class. While this will help you learn the basics of graphic design, you'll need to continue studying on your own to maximize the benefit. Additionally, some institutions offer one-day seminars as an introduction course or simply a refresher every now and then.

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