Web Design Training

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Web design training is the only way spice up your corporate website and possibly earn that quarterly bonus your boss so often flaunts. With a few simple classes you can begin to make a drastic difference in your corporate site. Since you already have a solid background in graphic design, you won't be starting from scratch.

Advanced Software and Technology

Web design training classes such as Dream Weaver teach graphic artists how to put pieces of the puzzle together. You are already creating beautiful design with your print and layout skills. Matching them up with web design software is simple with the right courses.

Before you object based on your limited knowledge of coding, there is something you should know. Programs like Dream Weaver do the coding for you. The simple process of importing images and point and click techniques do the hard work for you.

Build Your Resume with Web Design Training

With little to no coding experience you could have your new company website up and running in just a few short weeks! Your boss will be so impressed you'll definitely earn that long-awaited bonus. Don't forget to add the experience to your resume. Your next employer will be awed by your vast skill set.

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