Atlanta Culinary Schools

Written by Ingrid Chen
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The culinary industry is one of the largest, most demanding industries in the world. Working in the culinary arts can be exciting and challenging, with public tastes and demands constantly growing and changing. Food industry jobs are always available, and many jobs are extremely rewarding, financially and creatively.

If you are looking to pursue a career in the food industry, most professionals suggest a focused route, revolving around getting the best experience possible. A common way that many chefs gain experience is by starting out young, working their way through the kitchen ranks, and gaining respect over years of hard work. While no chef job ever comes without the hard work, attending a culinary school may be advantageous for those starting late in the business or if you want to gain knowledge in a compacted amount of time.

Atlanta's Culinary Opportunities

Atlanta is home to several great culinary academies. The elite Le Cordon Bleu academies have established a culinary institute in Atlanta, the LCB College of Culinary Arts. It is a sister school to the notable Western Culinary Institute of Portland, Oregon. Atlanta also houses one of several Art Institutes in the nation, with bachelor degrees available in culinary arts and management. Atlanta's interest in the culinary arts has spawned several other schools and classes, offered at community colleges, cookware stores, and even cooking class series in private homes.

The city of Atlanta is already home to some of the nation's most renowned dining establishments, from the traditional South of France to the French-Asian fusion cuisine of the Ritz-Carlton. As the city continues to expand, so does the availability of progressive, quality dining. Many graduates of Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta stay in the area to share their skills with both established and up-and-coming restaurants, making Atlanta a sought-after location for both chefs and fans of great cuisine.

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I think you also need a certain amnuot of hours actually working in the food service business. The last kid that intended to go to culinary school that worked at the bakery I work at told me they had to have so many hours before they were even accepted and she went to Culinary Arts Institute in New York.Contact the culinary school you intend to go to and ask them about current entrance requirements.Those kinds of things can change from school to school and also be different from back then to currently.