California Culinary Academies

Written by Ingrid Chen
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California has commonly been considered one of the most progressive culinary locations in the world. The West coast grows some of the best produce in the country, with a wide range of climates, from the arid regions of Southern California to the more seasonal regions of the Bay area and everything in between. California is also well known for its wine country, and is America's top wine-producing state.

It's no wonder that California is home to some of the top culinary academies in the country. Many culinary celebrities (including restaurateurs Alice Waters and Wolfgang Puck, and Gourmet Magazine editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl) choose to call California home. These chefs can often be found guest teaching at culinary academies across the state.

With the variety of fresh meats, fish and produce available, as well as an ever-evolving public demand for new and exciting food ventures, California has been the site of many culinary "revolutions," from the Bay Area's organic and macrobiotic push in the 1970s to the beginnings of Asian-fusion cuisine in the late '80s and early '90s. Because of the constant growth and change of the culinary index, jobs opportunities are consistently available in California.

The Benefits of Culinary Degrees

Although some executive chefs achieved their statuses without culinary degrees, attending culinary school can give you a huge advantage if you're looking to jump into the field. Those starting a culinary career later in life may find a culinary degree especially helpful in getting one's career off the ground. Hospitality management programs are also available for individuals looking to start in the business side of the food industry. Whatever you're looking for, a culinary degree can help advance your goals quickly.

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