Culinary Techniques

Written by Ingrid Chen
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For some individuals, cooking is just a necessary task. For others, it is a means of artistic exploration. Those with a particular fondness and passion for cooking often take the time to master culinary techniques, ranging from classical French cooking skills to methods used in preparing Asian cuisine.

Just as in any field, one can gain valuable experience on one's own through personal practice and culinary literature. This may not be enough, however, for individuals serious about pursuing a career in the field. Gaining experience in a professional setting is vital to becoming successful in any field, and cuisine is no exception.

The most common culinary technique employed in cuisine is the classical French preparation of ingredients. The French techniques are the basis of the Le Cordon Bleu training. However, they apply not only to French cuisine but also to an international style of cooking. The techniques themselves include knife skills, stocks, meat and fish identification and preparation, oven work and other skills crucial to cooking, simple or extraordinary.

Mastering Culinary Techniques

To become a skilled chef or instructor in a specific culinary technique, it is highly recommended that the individual gain the experience necessary to achieve a distinguished status among kitchen staff. Though some may reach that point through years of labor, it is possible to make the path less troublesome with the help of formal culinary training. With a combination of learning culinary methods in a classroom atmosphere and working in a restaurant setting, one can gain all the experience needed to master each culinary technique.

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