Florida Culinary Arts Colleges

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Just as the tourism industry in the United States is constantly growing and shifting, the food culture fluctuates and grows with it. Restaurants are part of the entertainment factor in the tourism industry, and travelers count cuisine options among the most important features of planning a trip. It is because of this that restaurant job opportunities are consistently available in many areas.

Culinary Arts in Florida

Florida counts tourism as one of its largest industries. The vast state covers everything from wetlands in North Florida to the massive domain of DisneyWorld, as well as South Florida's Gold Coast cities. These include Miami, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, all of which attract residents and visitors with their vast beaches, warm weather and bustling nightlife. Culinary opportunities are endless.

Those with an interest in the culinary industry are not limited to working in a kitchen. Some individuals thrive in the constant rush of the kitchen atmosphere, but others find satisfaction in other areas of the food business. Not only are the opportunities available in restaurants, but many have found success in catering, event planning, and even personal cheffing ventures.

There are literally hundreds of culinary programs to choose from in Florida. The esteemed Florida Culinary Institute, one of the top-ranked culinary schools in the country, is located in Palm Beach. Large universities such as Florida State University offer programs in management. Community colleges all over the state also provide training in culinary arts and hospitality.

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