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Florida Culinary Arts Schools

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Great beaches, great sunshine, and great food are some of the major attractions in the State of Florida. While many people believe that restaurants in New York, California, Boston, and New Orleans offer the best in haute cuisine, Florida is home to several top-notch culinary institutes that train some of the best chefs in the country. Restaurants in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Orlando, and many other great Florida cities gain the benefit of their expertise every year.

One of the reasons for outstanding dining options in Florida is the number of great culinary art schools in the state. Beginning at the high school level in cities like Gainesville, students are taught all aspects of developing and preparing haute cuisine, and many of them stay in Florida where they are welcomed in fine restaurants. There is a perfect match between Florida culinary arts school graduates and major world-class hotels in the state as well.

Culinary Arts Schools in Florida

The natural mesh between culinary excellence and fine hotels, puts culinary specialists with a background in hospitality, in the perfect position to succeed wherever they choose to work. There are even culinary art schools in Florida that offer bachelor's degrees in addition to the more common associate's degree. Bachelor degree programs provide graduates with the opportunity to learn about high-profile management and more.

Le Cordon Bleu programs offer the option for students to choose entry or mid-level positions by graduating with their associate's degree. Before they graduate, these students should have gained mastery in over 400 specific proficiency areas while also taking a significant number of courses that include general education. Programs include both French and American techniques and technology, and a diploma from these programs carries worldwide prestige.

In Florida, there are excellent culinary art schools in Orlando, Miami, Edgewood, Tampa, and Hillsboro Beach. Potential students may come from several high school programs that have been recognized nationally, including the Gainesville program mentioned above. Students from high school programs, as well as other candidates, may be eligible for scholarships and financial aid.

In addition to Cordon Bleu locations in the state, Florida Metropolitan University offers several campus locations as well as several different culinary programs. DeVry University offers a hospitality management program in Edgewood with a focus on culinary elements. Whether the student is interested in culinary arts or management, restaurant management, a baking and pastry specialty, or even catering management, there is a degree program available within the state.

Finding the right program and financial support is as easy as searching the Internet. Selecting the school that offers each student the specialty in which he or she is interested is as much fun as choosing from among the great cities and beaches of Florida. It's a good idea to select a school that offers several options and one that has a solid general education component as well. The former will prepare the student for technical excellence, and the latter will allow the student to progress appropriately in his or her career.

Note that culinary and hospitality management options are available at several of the Florida culinary schools. Gaining expertise in both areas can be a major asset to the student who wants to understand the full range of issues that he or she will face in the food industry. A degree from a Florida culinary school is an excellent way to take the first steps into an interesting and exciting career and one that can result in a solid financial base, a lifetime career with advancement opportunities, and the prestige that comes with staying on the cutting edge in the culinary field.

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