French Culinary Arts Schools

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Enjoying cuisine nowadays is a unique and exceptional experience. In our modern culinary trends, cuisines from all over have mixed and mingled and now dominate over what was once a relatively simple style of cooking. Much of what used to be considered fine dining was French based, in menu items, technique and even simple culinary language.

With our changing world, however, come the slight adjustments that have been made to old school French cuisine in order to accommodate the new. Shiitake mushrooms are no longer foreign on a French menu, and some of the old flavors of Indochina (lemongrass and glass noodles, for example) are once again finding a place in French dishes.

As much as the culinary map has changed its shape to include fusion cuisine and international flair, one cannot deny the influence of long-standing French techniques in most of modern cooking. As a result, many culinary arts schools continue to teach the French methods of food preparation, first popularized by Georges Escoffier, great chef and culinary educator. His rank and file organization of the kitchen is utilized in an overwhelming majority of restaurants.

Attending French Culinary Arts Schools

Many culinary schools now offer a variety of culinary programs, ranging from the general culinary arts to baking and pastry, as well as hospitality management on the business side. French culinary schools exist all over the country. With the popularity of culinary school rising, it is likely that you can locate a culinary program near you that fits your schedule and financial boundaries. A culinary education can help you reach beyond any limitations that may stand in the way of an illustrious culinary career.

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