Hospitality Training

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Hospitality training entails instruction in all the skills needed to manage a hospitality-based establishment. Included in that category are hotels, spas, restaurants and other businesses that are aimed towards providing customer service. It's a challenging field, but can be especially rewarding for those who love to work with people.

Hospitality education programs are offered at many schools, from traditional universities to culinary academies. Cornell University in New York, for example, has one of the most esteemed hospitality programs in the nation but is not considered exclusively a culinary school because it offers degrees in non-culinary fields. There are, however, advantages to pursuing hospitality degrees at culinary academies.

For example, many culinary academies intertwine management training with the culinary aspect of hospitality as well. Alternately, some schools allow students to pursue more than one program at a time. Therefore, if you have an interest in the restaurant industry, but want to learn both cooking techniques and management skills, culinary school can provide a setting where you can pursue both programs simultaneously at the same facilities.

Getting Started in Hospitality Training

If you're interested in applying for a hospitality program, it's relatively easy to find a school close to you that offers the courses you may be interested in. Though not all culinary schools provide hospitality and management training, there are plenty that do. Outside of culinary school, a great option is local community college courses in management and hospitality. Contact admissions personnel at any of these schools to find the program that fits you the best.

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