Las Vegas Culinary Institutes

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Las Vegas is one of the most exciting and fast-paced cities in the world. Home to an ever-growing number of hotels and restaurants, the city of Las Vegas provides a wealth of resources for those passionate about the business. With every new hotel and casino come multiple restaurants and retail ventures, as well as endless catering opportunities big and small. It's no wonder that Las Vegas is a haven for culinary jobs.

Food is usually not the first thing that comes to mind when one mentions Las Vegas. It was only in the last decade or so that chefs began to realize that Vegas could offer a boon of culinary opportunity. Great chefs such as Wolfgang Puck, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and Emeril Lagasse have all chosen to start restaurants and various catering businesses in Las Vegas.

Because the city is a natural meeting place for thousands of events every year, services are constantly needed for professional and personal events such as business conventions and wedding receptions. Caterers and event planners can do very well in Las Vegas. Casino banquet chefs are also some of the higher paid jobs in the food industry.

Culinary Institutes in Las Vegas

Naturally, Las Vegas now calls itself home to many culinary institutes. The city is fortunate to be home to one of the several Le Cordon Bleu accredited academies throughout the nation. The Las Vegas Culinary Institute teaches a curriculum similar to that of the original academy, and expects the same high level of educational standards as well. The University of Nevada also boasts a culinary arts degree. Many of the various community colleges and trade schools throughout the region also offer culinary training programs at reasonable hours, with financial aid options that are easy to obtain.

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