Le Cordon Bleu At Brown College

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Founded in Paris in 1895, the original Le Cordon Bleu based its teaching methods on traditional French techniques and kitchen applications. Many of those methods have crossed over to other forms of cooking. Even the rank and file system formulated by the great French chef Georges Escoffier is the standard in nearly every professional kitchen.

Nowadays the Le Cordon Bleu name is recognized the world over, and more than a dozen culinary institutes in the United States bear the LCB mark as a indication of high educational standards. Brown College, located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, is one of the culinary schools accredited by Le Cordon Bleu. The college has been serving students for over 50 years, and was incidentally the first institute in the United States to pair up with the LCB accreditation program.

The Culinary Facilities at Brown College

Despite a suburban setting in Minnesota, the culinary facilities are exemplary and the teaching staff highly experienced. The campus includes a recently built 18,000 square foot culinary facility that houses multiple kitchens, bakeries and demonstrational arenas. More importantly, the Brown College culinary program houses its own fine dining restaurant, The Minnesota Room, fully staffed by students and instructors to guide them.

The programs are rigorous and concentrated, covering a vast wealth of knowledge in a relatively short period of time. With the help of great instructors and a great facility, most students graduate with the LCB diploma fully ready to work in a professional kitchen. Visiting the school and talking to the admissions representative is always suggested.

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