Le Cordon Blue College Of Culinary Arts

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Le Cordon Bleu is a commonly recognized name known amongst restaurateurs and others with an interest and passion for the culinary arts. The original Le Cordon Bleu academy was a culinary institute established in Paris in 1895 to teach cooking techniques and culinary history, as well as wine knowledge and business skills among other subjects. Because much of classic cooking is based on French technique, the same skills that were practiced at the original Le Cordon Bleu are still now commonly taught in culinary schools worldwide.

Le Cordon Bleu Colleges Nationwide

Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts has managed to keep a finger on the pulse of the food industry by establishing institutes all over the world. The well-received and respected programs of the original LCB are now offered at 13 schools throughout the United States. Some of these culinary schools were founded as extensions of LCB, while other already-established schools chose to take on the LCB name. There is a specific curriculum and standard of teaching required by LCB in order to gain its accreditation.

Many who have attended culinary school or are pursuing a culinary education know that the Le Cordon Bleu name lends credibility to a school's program. Although there are hundreds of schools worldwide that are just as capable and competitive as LCB accredited schools, many trust the LCB namesake as a mark of excellence in culinary education standards.

Though LCB schools tend to be competitive, the most basic purpose of LCB was to provide education towards those with a passion for the culinary arts. LCB accredited institutes take this to heart, and applying for culinary school is not the daunting task it may seem. Admissions representatives are eager to offer you information on the programs they offer, as well as to help you financially with school funding.

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