Le Cordon Blue College Of Culinary Arts In Las Vegas

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Las Vegas is not only a playground for gambling and entertainment. Cuisine has become a huge part of what makes Las Vegas fantastic. As tourism continues to thrive in the city, successful chefs the world over have realized the appeal of great cuisine to the many visitors to Las Vegas. The profitability of these restaurant and catering ventures have not gone unnoticed, and chefs from the venerated Alain Ducasse to celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse have all chosen to start eateries in Las Vegas.

Not until the past decade or so were the culinary opportunities in Las Vegas fully realized. With the help of celebrity investors and skilled chefs, Vegas is one of the few places in the world that allows for so much variety without rebuke or backlash from a picky crowd. With the help of impressive architecture and fantastic stores and eateries, visitors can go from Paris to the Caribbean in just a few blocks.

It's not just a playground for restaurants, however. Event planners and private catering businesses have all cashed in on the wealth of opportunities available in Las Vegas. It's a meeting place for conventions and weddings, big and small, and caterers and banquet chefs are in constant demand.

Le Cordon Bleu in Las Vegas

Because of the availability of culinary opportunities, the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu has partnered with the Las Vegas Culinary Institute to offer programs in line with the LCB curriculum and high standard of teaching. The Culinary Institute offers a degree in the Culinary Arts, and job placement services at the school are well-connected in the city and beyond.

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