Miami Culinary Schools

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Miami is well known for its fun atmosphere and bustling nightlife. Its restaurants, although sometimes overlooked, are some of the best and busiest in the country. Tourism accounts for a huge part of Florida's industry, and Miami is no exception. Chefs have continued to build restaurants in the area in response to consumer demand.

The cuisine in Florida is definitely unique. Over 65 percent of the area's population is Latino, and this has had a major impact on Miami's food culture. With its proximity to the Caribbean and Latin America, the cuisine of the region has shifted towards an eclectic ethnic mix that includes a variety of flavors and ingredients used beyond the United States' borders. Chefs experiment with Latin American fusion cuisine, as well as popular Asian and European fare.

The Availability of Miami Culinary Schools

Because of its popular food culture, Miami calls itself home to several renowned culinary schools. The Miami Culinary Institute, a Le Cordon Bleu accredited establishment, combines the classical French culinary training with regional and American techniques. The Le Cordon Bleu name is well-known in the culinary world as a standard of excellence. Other schools in the Miami area, including multiple community colleges and larger universities, offer culinary-related programs such as patisserie or management.

When choosing a school, it is best to compare the programs you want to pursue and check out the school facilities. Admissions representatives are there to answer any questions, offer tours of the campus, and help with any financial aid setup necessary. Also take into consideration that some schools provide affordable student housing, alleviating the costs as well.

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