Orlando Culinary Academies

Written by Ingrid Chen
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The culinary industry is one of the most exciting, rewarding, and profitable fields in business. Though anyone in the industry will tell you that working in restaurants has many ups and downs, the most devoted and successful of restaurateurs reach contentment. This satisfaction oftentimes comes from the knowledge that a personal passion is being realized as a result of hard work and talent along with a great team of people to help.

Culinary academies offer a means of formal training in all fields of the food industry. Though experience plays an enormous part in an individual's success in the culinary field, attending a culinary academy provides a student with a guided place to learn skills that are vital elements of professional culinary techniques. Knife skills, for example, can be better learned with the help of guided courses and abundant practice, rather than under the pressure of a professional kitchen.

Tuition costs cover the materials needed for practice and experimentation, whereas professional kitchens are not as hasty to allow practice sessions with precious resources. For most culinary programs, however, experience is imperative and required of all students before graduation. Most culinary schools expect students to "extern" at a local restaurant or work at the school's own public restaurant if they have one.

Culinary Schools in Orlando

Orlando is the location of several renowned culinary schools. Le Cordon Bleu has joined forces with schools throughout the world to create a standard of academic excellence in culinary education. Orlando is lucky enough to be home to the Orlando Culinary Academy, a Le Cordon Bleu-accredited culinary school. Other schools in the area include the local Art Institute, as well as various community colleges and trade schools that offer quality courses in hospitality training and management.

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